EPG is quite possibly the worlds best online payment gateway.

EPG is developed by our own Payment Engineers with offices based in Gibraltar. The individuals behind EPG have extensive experience in building high availability, high capacity software systems for the online industry.

Our Philosophy

Easy Payments Gateway is principally an online gateway for multiple payment solutions and credit card acquirers. With over 200 different online payment methods and worldwide acquirers, EPG can offer any online merchant (no matter how big or how small), everything they need in order to process transactions online via a very simple yet heavily secure api integration.

In addition to this, EPG offers a powerful back office where non IT staff can very easily maintain and configure payment accounts, create payment routing rules using our custom built rules engine or prevent fraud using our anti fraud and customer monitoring tools. Processing payment should be easy and hassle free, but to do that you need the right tools, tools that can be used by anyone. EPG sets out to do this.

Our Vision

The guiding principle of EPG is to provide non-IT staff within complex online gambling and retail environments with the tools they need to efficiently run the day to day operations and third party integrations of their business. This includes the ability to; add new customer payment methods and other 3rd party service providers, define and implement rules and workflows to utilise them efficiently, define real-time customer communications and messaging methodologies, and monitor the entire system to ensure that all components are fully optimised. All whilst being fully PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.

To achieve this EPG has developed a flexible service platform capable of integrating an almost limitless number of third party solutions using sophisticated workflow, rules, monitoring, and messaging features. Users interact with the system through a highly configurable back office. Through this, the different functions of the business can access the information and tools that they need to fulfil their specific objectives.

Since EPG is built around the plug and play methodology, it is able to perform extensive customisation for any merchant around the stable core functionality. The EPG team is confident that it can deliver a solution that meets any merchant requirements, and can continue to layer on additional value as required.

EPG has been built by a team of software engineers with over 30 years experience in software and online payments development, the company and the key individuals involved are prepared to make the significant corporate and personal commitments required to manage any task. In doing so about EPG can also offer merchants an opportunity to evolve its business into a genuine profit centre if desired.

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