Stay safe and block out unwanted business

EPG offers a state of the art custom built rules and fraud prevention engine capable of processing over 5,000 rules per second.

You can build and combine any number of rules to completely block or defer unwanted transactions, all in real time and extremely easy.

EPG prevention features

Add Some Fraud Scoring

The EPG Fraud Manager allows you to add a fraud score to any parameter linked to a customer and a transaction. But its more than just adding a number. Pick and choose exactly when and why a score is achieved based on your own rules and conditions for any given parameter.

Defer your transaction

What good is it to have a fraud score if you cant set your levels of permitted risk? With EPG you will be able to set different risk levels which will automatically block or defer a transaction to be dealt with manually at a later stage. Its as easy as moving a slide bar!

Sentinels Keep An Eye Out

Build sentinels with EPG that are on constant look out. Sentinels can be built to spot any number of combinations of data. Want to receive a warning when more than X transactions happen within the same hour from the same IP Address? no problem. Build any rules you need and get your sentinels working for you.

Black and White Listing Of Data

EPG gives you the power to black and white list any number of parameters. But just like with our fraud scoring, its not just limited to listing parameters. Our merchants can choose exactly when and why a parameter is black or white listed giving you complete control and power over what you block or what you allow.

Take Control Of When And What To Do

Setting up all of your fraud scoring and rules is all well and good, but letting you decide what each specific rule should do and when is even better! With the EPG Fraud Manager you can set whether a rule should report, email, notify or take action if the conditions are met. Not only that, but you can specify when all this should happen.

Combine All Your Rules

The EPG Fraud Manager is also great for advanced fraud specialists who have the need to combine multiple fraud rules to make the one ultimate fraud rule. Combine any number of rules, sentinels and lists to make your business as secure as possible and block unwanted transactions and customers.

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