EPG Advantages

Out of the box solution

EPG offers an out of the box solution for retailers around the world. No matter how big or how small, EPG M-POS gives retailers instant access to multiple payment solutions. No longer do retailers have to be limited to just Credit Cards.

Credit Card Processing

Tired of paying over the top rates for accepting Credit Cards in your shop? Use the EPG M-POS solution and accept cards from all over the world. Accept Chip & PIN and Swipe Credit Cards available out of the box.

Online Solutions in the Real World

Why limit your customers to just Credit Cards? Accept online E-Wallet Payments, Vouchers and any type of Mobile Wallet with the EPG M-POS solution.

EPG clients features

Features for EPG clients

EPG lets users store all of their Credit Cards, existing online wallets and online accounts all under one secure place and the possibility to use the following features.

Control Your Billing

Retailers can customise M-POS at any time and change the way customers are billed. Choose between itemised billing or a total amount for a quicker experience.

Control Your Stock

Retailers can quickly and easily add items into the M-POS system. Photos, description and prices can be added at the click of a button. These items can also be easily imported onto other POS devices or the EPG Back Office.

Need A Tip?

Have a restaurant or Bar? Easily add the the ability for your customers to add a tip before accepting the final price of bill.

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