Gibraltar Music Festival 2014

22 September, 2014

Easy Payment Gateway will be processing credit card payments in partnership with WireCard GMbH, at the Gibraltar Music Festival this Saturday the 6th of September.

You’ll be using our Point of Sale devices when you buy vouchers for food or drinks at the festival,¬†using a credit or debit card.

The vouchers will be sold from kiosks in Victoria Stadium and the picnic area, see the map below.

Here you go! The site layout for Gibraltar Music Festival 2014!event

Theres a new main entrance this year! The Radio Gibraltar Stage has also moved, as has the Food Court Area.

The main Heineken drinks stalls are in the same place, as are most other important features, including the Circus Stage. The small acoustic stage has grown in to the Seaside Stage.

Our POS devices come in wired and wireless GPRS models and will soon be more widely available.