New ‘Head of Sales’

12 July, 2016

Easy Payment Gateway has appointed Klaus Frietsch as ‘Head of Sales’, based at the company’s office in Munich, Germany.

With 14 years of experience at Wirecard, Frietsch focuses on online gaming and FX industries, but also targeting sectors including retail and online dating.

Jose Peral, chief operating officer at EPG, said: “This is a really exciting time for EPG as we continue gathering momentum within the markets that we have already experienced great success. Now is the time for us to move the company forward and look to broaden our reach, not only within different e-commerce markets, but also geographically”.

Frietsch will provide us with a fantastic platform to showcase EPG and our solutions with the use of his expertise and networking contacts. He then added “To be able to draw on all my years of experience and play such an integral role at EPG is a really thrilling opportunity. The company’s strategy for growth and creation of innovative solutions will definitely make my role easier and I can’t wait to get started”.

For more details read this press release from Intergame.