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Easy Payment Gateway

The Easy Payment Gateway online gateway makes it nice and easy for merchants to add multiple payment solutions as well as Credit Card processing to their online business.

Realtime Reporting

Easy Payment Gateway offers an extensive reporting platform allowing merchants to create real time reports using an intuitive graphical user interface. These reports can be scheduled to run automatically whenever the merchant needs.

Realtime Transaction Routing

Easy Payment Gateway contains a sophisticated merchant definable rules engine. It enables merchants to define complex workflows for any payment event. Workflows are crucial to the Easy Payment Gateway platform. They are essentially the road map that tells our engine what to do and where to go for any given request.

Realtime Rules

Easy Payment Gateway offers users the ability to create specific Rule sets that affect the flow of a transaction through the platform. Rule sets are essentially a set of rules or conditions grouped together as one. These sets are then used through out any of the workflows created in the platform.

Realtime Complete Fraud Management

Access to the Easy Payment Gateway back office is restricted to a user having a valid account. Each user must belong to a group that in turn will have a list of permissions and applications assigned to it. All the user activity is fully audited so merchants will be able to track who, what and when an event has taken place.

Over 220 Payment Solutions

Merchants need the ability to offer as many payment solutions as possible to their customers in an easy and secure way. Easy Payment Gateway can help achieve this in a simple and efficient manner, improving customer experience and increasing the sources of revenue for any merchant.


Create professional looking PDF invoices quickly and easily with the Easy Payment Gateway Back Office. Send invoices as a PDF attachment to any of your customers and manage their status online.

Secondary Management

Create rules that leave transactions in a pending status until they have been manually authorized by your security or finance team. Pause deposits and withdrawals based on any number of rules and have them captured at a later date via 1, 2 or 3 levels or authorization.

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