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Design and build your own payment pages and cashiers using the highly secure and responsive Easy Payment Gateway hosted cashier platform. Don't limit your pages to just logo and background colour changes. Customise each aspect of your cashier to fully immerse your customers.

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Easy Payment Gateway wallet features

Securely store credit cards and accounts

The Easy Payment Gateway Cashier allows users to easily and securely store Credit Cards and wallet accounts. Customers only have to enter their card or wallet details for the first payment and these will be automatically stored securely with Easy Payment Gateway making subsequent payments quick and easy. Cards and wallet details are encrypted so that no sensitive data is ever exposed.

The Easy Payment Gateway Cashier is 100% customisable. You can change everything from the layout, the images, css and even javascript of your cashiers. Fully embed the Easy Payment Gateway cashier into your own website with unique URLS to offer a complete seamless experience to your customers.

Say Hello To The Future

Stay ahead of the game with the Easy Payment Gateway Cashier which is 100% mobile friendly. Our cashiers are responsive and adapt automatically to all devices. Easy Payment Gateway also offers a unique 3D Secure mobile friendly cashier to make sure you don't miss a single credit card transaction!

Unlimited Cashiers and Configurations

With Easy Payment Gateway you will be able to configure as many cashiers as you need. Each one can be independently configured to offer your customers the right solutions, countries and currencies you need. Perfect for those who have multiple white labels or websites, each requiring different look and feels or configurations.

Full Control

With the Easy Payment Gateway Back Office you will be able to configure every single payment solution, currency and countries offered in your cashier. Turn solutions on or off with the flick of a button, block and allow any combination of countries and currencies and set minimum and maximum debit and credit limits. All in real time.

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