Java Script API

API Document version 0.1

Easy Payment Gateway Java Script Flow Diagram


Flow explanation.

  1. Authorization Token call
    • The merchant performs a call to the authorisation service located in Easy Payment Gateway Merchant REST service.
    • An authorisation token is provided by the Easy Payment Gateway Merchant REST service.
  2. Render Checkout page
    • Checkout page example.
    • Add Div container on the Merchant page.
  3. Account Registration
    • The merchant performs a call to the Easy Payment Gateway Web REST service.
    • A card registry response is provided by Easy Payment Gateway Web REST service, this response contains information about the card internal token and about the account unique identifier.
  4. Disable Account
    • The end customer and/or the merchant is able to disable a registered account.
  5. Perform Payment
    • The end customer performs a payment. This process can be separated in 2 steps: PrepayToken and Charge.
    • Prepay Token is made automatically by the Render Cashier. Returning a PrepayToken that is used to execute Charge operation.
    • Charge Operation, the merchant executes a server to server Charge request to EPG-JS,
      sending the information that it is mandatory to process a transaction by the selected payment solution.

For testing purposes please refer to the following links in order to test the different operations

For authorization and charge operations refer to:

EPGJS MEP Services

For rendering, account management or prepay operations, refer to:

EPGJS WEB Services

For javascript examples and custom modifications refer to:


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